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Transportation News Update - May 31, 2023

Topics include final phase of PA Turnpike's new All-Electronic Tolling implementation, discontinued "shared rides" at Lyft, PNC discount parking perk, How mobility may be transformed by 2035 with US car sales dropping, New solutions for off-grid EV charging, new technology from Audi intended to save cyclist and pedestrian lives, The role of bikes in the future of transportation, Congestion pricing plan rollout in NYC, and PennDOT's latest traffic fatality and crash data shows decrease in 2022.

Transportation News Update - February 2, 2023

Topics include traffic calming, building on the East Busway, Bulk Pass Pilot Program at PRT, Frazier Street Steps project, Mon/Fayette Expressway latest, US National Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization, ODOT Innovative Mobility Program, revealing one city's ultimate cause of congestion, a comprehensive report on the state of city-owned bridges, PRT modernizing light rail stations, and how states are moving to replace the gas tax nationwide.

Transportation News Update - December 31, 2022

Topics include the role of active micro mobility modes in cost-effective emissions reductions, Vision Zero, labor shortages hindering public transit, autonomous ride hailing service at the airport, new datasets to help make decisions around mobility tech, redesigning streets for pedestrians, expanding bike lanes, mobile apps for women's safety, electric vehicles, and new PA state laws.

Transportation News Update - November 23, 2022

Topics include carpool/vanpool benefits, emergency ride home service, Amtrak bicycle service, PennDOT road and bridge construction map, Seattle's bike/scoot pilot program, Allegheny County discounted fares pilot program, Transit agencies dependency on federal funding, Inspector General's report from DOT, Honda self-driving micro cars, Bicycle simulator lab from Oregon State University, New legislation permitting driverless vehicles, and Argo AI shutdown.

Transportation News Update - October 3, 2022

Topics include our updated Multimodal Resources Map, Dashcam app for bicyclists, Walkable communities with easy access to transit, University of Pittsburgh groundbreaking, Hill District RAISE grant details, 100 U.S. Cities turning to microtransits, PA Turnpike jumping into solar energy production, Ridesharing development for women, PA drivers uncomfortablve sharing road with driverless vehicles, People working primarily from home triples while average one-way travel time drops, and how data on hybrid office schedules demonstrates that commuter benefits are integral to back-to-office strategies.

Topics include the return of Pittsburgh Regional Transit's P10 Flyer, Kansas City free bus fare program results, how COVID-19 affects America's infrastructure priorities with Secretary Buttigieg, PA's 12-Year Transportation Program, Transit app Moovit, Self-driving vehicles and emerging mobility tech, new Amtrak Express bus service, Air taxis coming to Pittsburgh, and finalizing the $1.5 million contract for major bridge assesments.